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5-Day Military SSE Workout Challenge (Free)

Now more than ever is the time to challenge yourself.


Here’s a quick but deceptively challenging workout program that’s easy to do in a small space or at home. All of the lessons are in video format, no reading required.

Little to no equipment is needed (unless you’re advanced level in which case you just need a pull-up bar).

2020 had a lot of people stuck at home. With gyms still sporadically opening, getting a challenging workout can be a headache – but not if you know where or how to start without gym equipment.

This Military SSE Workout Challenge is perfect for all fitness levels because you can dial up or down the intensity and develop progress.

Beginner? No problem – each workout has follow-along videos so you can make sure you’re doing things correctly.

Regular gym-goer? Challenge yourself even more with harder variations of the exercises throughout this program – I haven’t met anyone yet who hasn’t been challenged, even if they lift heavy.

Commit for 5 days and you’ll have more strength, more speed, and more endurance than when you started – that’s why it’s called the SSE Military Workout Challenge.

Rest up for 2 days and make the most out of this free course by going beyond the first week with infinite progression techniques so you can keep getting stronger, faster, and tougher – long after the challenge is complete.

Check out the curriculum to see what the course covers entirely.

Bonuses and free content that comes with the course:

You’ll get downloadable workout logs so you can track progress and Spotify playlists with different genres of music for you to workout to. You can find these resources in the ‘Bonus Content and Downloadable Resources’ section of the Curriculum tab.


*Featured image by Navy Seaman Kaylianna Genier – The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.*


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