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“I went to enlist in the Army.

I had been working out for a good few years by then, always in sports when I was a kid, weight lifting and conditioning through high school and all the way through college. I wanted to make sure that when I joined, I could contribute in more than one way – in a big way. This was no light decision – this was something I had thought about thoroughly.

I’d done some solo traveling, studied and devoured all there was to know about nutrition, fitness, and the mind over the years in my free time, while getting a couple degrees under my belt. Having my mental and physical faculties primed and ready for any training that got thrown my way was important for me.

I learned about the enrollment process through my recruiter. The one thing that stuck out the most in my mind was the restrictions I’d have during training, and after, the access to certain things I wouldn’t always have during deployment.

I was very familiar with the word “discipline.”

I was very familiar with the word “discipline” – my father and grandfather were both in the military back when conscription was still a thing, and certain habits and expectations were transferred into the family household.

Growing into an adult, this caused me to think and work in a very specific way. Where there was choice, I would exercise it fully and gain maximum use out of opportunities…and where there wasn’t, I would find ways to make limitations work in the best way possible.

The mind is a funny thing.

SUPP UP. was born from years of cumulative knowledge and circumstance. Man’s greatest gift is being able to exercise the mind during circumstance and limitation. The mind is a funny thing. You have to consciously tell it to push forward when your senses are telling you otherwise.

I wanted to have (and found) a way to maintain my health and fitness levels no matter the circumstance. I also wanted to share this knowledge with others.

Many moons later and I’m still sharing.

Debunk “myths” and maintain food flexibility.

Whether you’re active duty, reserve, retired, or a regular civilian, SUPP UP. was created to strip away the inessential, cut away the fluff. When you understand how nutrition works – how the body works – circumstance and limitations become easier to overcome.

This is the true meaning of…

If you know how to fuel and train your body, where you are matters less.™

– Sol, Founder and Owner of SUPP UP.






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